Want to know how mature is your demand generation operation?

Just answer some short questions to evaluate out your marketing automation capabilities, opportunities for quick wins and areas for improvement. In the end of the survey, you will get a summary report that you can take away and start planning your road map for Morden marketing success!

Welcome to your Self-assessment

Data and Segment

We segment our list by demographic and behavioral information

Our segments are based on be various combinations of buyer personas, digital behavioral data and customer life cycle stages.

Our leads and customers automatically refreshed in a segment (dynamic segment) without manual intervention.

We can access to all data directly in our marketing automation tool and use it in dynamic email messages, form process rules and workflow automations.

All the data we need is available in the marketing cloud. We rarely upload and download data manually. We can easily segment data directly in marketing cloud for all campaigns.

1 out of 5

Email Design and Content

We can easily create an email using with drag and drop design tools and email templates without technical skills and coding experience.

We deliver personalized emails (based on customer data) and contextual emails (based on behavior and engagement).

Our newsletters consists of automated content blocks, populated by context and data rules.

We consistently test (A/B or variable test) our email campaigns and optimize based on those insights.

Our email marketing messaging is coordinated with other marketing channels (SMS, Push, Social media and online events) focused on delivering a seamless brand experience.

2 out of 5

Marketing Automation

While developing email messages we consider buyer personas/emotions, subscribers interest and lead status

Our preference centre enables subscribers to self-segment, select frequency and leave feedback which are used to enrich customer experience.

We have automated and sequenced messages for each stage of the customer lifecycle, from welcome, to conversion, to loyalty and re-engagement.

We deliver real-time triggered or transactional emails based on events such as form submission, webinar registration and case study download.

Our form can block invalid data at the point of lead capture (ex: invalid email address).

3 out of 5

Planning & Strategy

Our marketing and sales team has a clear understanding of lead status, definitions, sales and marketing SLAs and sales funnel.

We have lead management workflows that grades leads based on buying signals. We have automatic lead assignment workflows which routes qualified leads to sales team at the right time.

We use data insight, campaign performance and datasets(propensity models) to identify opportunities for lead conversation, up sell and cross sell.

We not only mapped out a comprehensive customer journey map consists of customer actions, motives and touchpoints, we use it to optimize customer experiences.

We have clearly defined metrics and KPIs for evaluating the effectiveness and success of our lead nurturing programs.

4 out of 5

We monitor email behavior metrics (opens, clicks, deliverability, etc.)

We can report on multiple levels (campaign level, target audience group, lead source, lead status)

We are able to determine revenue generated along with visible commercial and pipeline impact.

We use a proactive approach to campaign planning based on insights and opportunities identifies through right datasets (ex: propensity model, etc)

We have an access to centralized reports and dashboards that’s visible to both campaign managers and marketing directors.

5 out of 5