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At ecrmHub we offer comprehensive and expert support and consultancy services, including

Marketing automation consulting

Marketing automation

We’ll assessyour ‘readiness’ for marketing automation and prepare a bespoke plan to get your team and systems aligned.

Marketing automation training

Marketing automation

Whatever platform you choose, our tailored training sessions will help you to make a positive impact from day one.

Marketing automation deployment

Marketing automation

You’ve chosen your platform so what next? We’ll help you set up campaigns to start seeing the benefits immediately.

Customer data management

Customer data

Data is the bedrock of automation! We’ll not only help you build Marketing automation tool but we make sure data is cleaned, segmented, fully GDPR compliant and ready to be used in campaigns.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting &

Get unique insights about campaign effectiveness and audience behaviour – e.g. discover how your customers interact with your website.

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey

Before we jump into campaign development the first step in the process is to deep-dive into the customer and build clear pictures of the existing customer journey, customer profiles and personas and customer goals.

Our approach to maximize
customer engagement

It all starts with you, because no one understands your customers better. Together, we’ll use all available insight to create a single vision for customer communications that works seamlessly from acquisition through to engagement.

Marketing and Sales

Start with marketing and sales alignment

Were living in the age of the customer, no longer the age of the seller. The required mindset is one of HELPING, not SELLING. We have to look at everything we do through the eyes the customer. Marketing and sales alignment is really about the customer

Marketing Customer Journey

Identify Key stages of customer journey

When beginning to look at a customer journey. a good place to start is the various touchpoints a customer has with your business

Content Marketing

Create personas

For content marketing purposes, you need personas to help you deliver content thet will be most relevant and your audience.

Marketing Strategy

Develop a content plan

A Well structured marketing strategy consists of content that meets your audience's needs and reaches them on all the right media channels at the most convenient time

Automation Tools

Deliver right message at right time using automation tools

Marketing automation compliments a content marketing campaign. By pairing the tow together you are making the process of executing a content marketing campaidn more efficient.

Mareting Optimize

Measure and optimize

Determine what metrics are most important and what you are trying to accomplosh eith your Marketing Automation. if you can do this, you'll get a good picture of how your Marketing Automation is performing

Platforms we support

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a leading marketing automation solution for B2B marketers across all phases of the buying cycle.

Salesforce Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce makes it simple for marketers to improve lead generation results and align marketing and sales goals.



A native platform for MS Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions is a powerful one stop shop for marketing automation

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