Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Our experts provide following Oracle Eloqua services

Oracle Eloqua implementation

You need serious expertise to implement Oracle Eloqua’s marketing automation software – it’s why Eloqua experts are known as ‘Masters’!

With our extensive knowledge of the platform and its code, we can integrate Eloqua with any CRM software and tools. Imgine, in a week your company progresses from having no marketing automation, to having Oracle Eloqua setup and campaigns ready to go. If you’re using Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua, we can help you get more out of your investment.

Eloqua segmentation

CRM integration

Our technical team can integrate Oracle Eloqua with any CRM tool. And we’ll deliver a seamless on boarding process too. We will migrate data from non Eloqua platforms into Eloqua in a seamless migration plan.

Branding and deliverability setup

ecrmHub works with your marketers to warm your new IP address and to configure your Eloqua setup to achieve maximum email deliverability and overall engagement.

Oracle Eloqua Training

Let us introduce your marketing sales leaders to the power of a truly a datailed culture, closed loop methodology and a continuous improvement approach. Our experienced trainers can get your marketing team fully trained and enable them to selfserve from day one

Oracle Eloqua Campaign Deployments

Oracle Eloqua Training

Nurture your leads with best practice and advice from our experts. Our goal is to build out a process that trulyns your leads into conversions.

Campaign automation

By aligning key elements of the brand proposition with the customer journey, we were able to create a compelling series of email communications which would be employed in a trigger based campaign.

Persona development

The golden rule of marketing automation? Understand your customers! At ecrmHub we help you to define personas and truly understand their needs and decision making processes.

Content mapping

Once you have personas, we’ll analyse your existing content to make sure it aligns with your customers’ needs and pain points. We will put your campaigns into action, ensuring communications are personalised and automated at each stage of the customer journey.

Oracle Eloqua lead scoring

Not all leads are created equal! Our Oracle Eloqua lead scoring models prioritise leads so that you can focus on the prize. Lead scoring. Our scoring and qualification methodologies will make sure you hone in on the hottest prospects, while our customised training plans will help you nurture the rest until they’re ready to convert.

Oracle Eloqua Lead Scoring

Defining your marketing qualified leads

We’ll bring marketing and sales teams together to define MQLs, establish revenue targets and then build a strategy to monetize high-quality leads first.

Lead scoring program build out

Using past lead data, analytics and stakeholder interviews, we’ll help you to identify the perfect model for lead scoring. Everything is created especially for you there’s nothing off the peg about our approach.

Lead scoring reporting

We’ll report on lead flow and velocity to improve the performance of your lead scoring model. This will be built out as a framework including BANT criteria making it perfect for your sales team.

Oracle Eloqua segmentation

Marketing Campaign Development

Segmentation drives engagement, reduces costs and improves ROI. It allows you to mass personalise elements of your email communications to ensure market so effectively that every customer feels a personal touch that will help to drive their engagement with you. Segmentation is a key part of any good and targeted email campaign and will drive engagement and reduce costs.

We’ll use your data to create targeting models so that we hit the right people with the right message.

Oracle Eloqua emails, landing pages and forms

We build mobile optimised & personalised email templates, landing pages and forms. Our modular approach to email design and offers a reusable framework for a more efficient workflow.

Marketing Campaign automation

Oracle Eloqua email templates

Templates can help speed up your email creation process and ensure consistency of your brand across multiple workflows. At ecrmHub we can provide you with a series of easy to edit templates built in accordance with your brand guidelines, and optimised for mobile devices.

Oracle Eloqua forms & integration

Forms are vital part of the marketing automation equation and essential part of lead generation as a means of data capture. For example, did you know that Eloqua has blind form function that will allow you to save details of users [who?] clicked on a PDF link in an email or landing page? we can advise on how Eloqua can work best to suit your needs.

Oracle Eloqua landing pages

Oracle Eloqua’s new Landing Page Editor has a user friendly drag and drop designthat helps marketers create compelling and creative landing pages without the need for time-consuming and expensive design and development resources.

Dynamic content within Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua

There’s more to personalisation than simply including the recipient’s name in the salutation or subject line. When used correctly, personalisation is a powerful tool for driving engagement and conversion by tailoring content based on known preferences or profile characteristics.

With the Oracle Eloqua dynamic content functions you can:

  • Personalise location to show the nearest store or event
  • Remind customers about a product or event that they have previously seen on your website
  • Personalise subject lines based on customer's gender or account type
  • Improve engagement using different images based on known preferences