Case Study

How ecrmHub automation took the University of Law to the top of the class

The University of Law is one of the UKs longest established specialist providers of legal education with a history dating back to 1876. Supporting its illustrious history is a reputation for innovation and contemporary teaching practices.

Marketing Strategies

The challenge

The University of Law receives a high volume of in-bound enquiries, predominantly through its website. Without any organised CRM system in place, leads did not receive any follow-up or access to additional information to support decision making.

As a result, the conversion rate of these leads was extremely low at less than 3%.

WorldFirst Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation Help

How we helped

ecrmHub created a messaging framework to support and accelerate the decision making process of new leads. By aligning key elements of the University's proposition (teaching standards, results, credibility and employment % post graduation) with the customer journey, we were able to create a compelling series of email communications which would be employed in a trigger based campaign.

The 'trigger based' campaign delivered personalised messages based on action taken at each stage, as well as demographic data.

New email design was produced to highlight employment stats, selling factors and guide them through to next steps in their application process via the placement of call to actions in eminent and visually appealing way.

Email were highly personalized it went beyond using your subscriber's name in the subject line. It shows nearest event dates and testimonial based on the data such as campus, course and preferred study mode of a prospect to fuel super relevant messages.

The increase in conversion

The nurture campaign targeted an initial batch of 15,000 leads generated over the course of the last 12 months.

  • As a result, the conversion rate of these leads was extremely low at less than 3%.
  • During the first 12 weeks of the campaign, 1,550 leads were qualified for conversion via the nurture campaign (conversion rate > 10%).
  • Of the 1,550 qualified leads, 222 went on to make an application to study at the University of Law (conversion rate > 14%).
WorldFirst Marketing Automation

How marketing automation helped WorldFirst to engage with online sellers across the customer journey

WorldFirst is a high-growth FinTech business specialising in international payments, global bank account solutions and foreign exchange. Its mission is to create the world’s best platform for international trade.


The challenge

WorldFirst had two particular challenges: one, to increase the conversion from initial registration through to active customer and, two, with a reliably high level of client satisfaction, to increase the number of referrals from existing customers.

WorldFirst employed the services of ecrmHub to help design campaigns to address both objectives.

Phase 1: Understanding the customer

The first stage of the process was to deep dive into the customer and build clear pictures of:

  • The existing customer journey
  • Customer profiles and personas
  • Customer goals for each persona
  • Accompanying message orientation

This process was undertaken through a series of workshops with key stakeholders from across WorldFirst. The outcome was a tailored customer journey map which made clear the most effective touchpoints for all personas at each stage of the customer journey.

The next step was to overlay messaging and relevant marketing assets to create a framework for the campaigns. For example, in order to convert businesses that have registered but not yet completed account setup, the focus was on 'nurture' and reinforcing messages around credibility and security using case studies, testimonials and independent review sites.


Phase 2: Campaign development

Two campaigns were developed:

A personalised lead nurture campaign designed to engage customers and provide the timely, relevant information to help them make an informed decision and instill trust in WF brand. The layered approach developed provides simple and helpful content which is then tailored based on the customer interaction as signal of their needs to appetite to "know more". The journey of each lead and the speed at which they convert varies, making this a highly personalized and effective campaign.

A referral campaign with the objective of turning loyal customers into brand advocates. Active customers who had used WorldFirst within the last 6 months were incentivized with the opportunity to earn a £100 Amazon voucher for referring a friend who then went on to become an active customer with WorldFirst.

Phase 3: Reporting on the results

In total, the referral campaign email was sent to 5,000 targeted contacts resulting in:

  • 160 new business leads
  • 57 new customer registrations
  • 26 new active customers and a project annual additional transactions of £260k.