Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows companies to personalise customer experiences across every channel using their Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, and Advertising Studio.

Whether you want to integrate your valuable data to Salesforce or need help building your next automated cross channel campaign, the team at ecrmHub can help.

Salesforce Marketing

Salesforce Marketing

Cloud on boarding

We use a tried and tested approach to identifying the best method to implement a Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, andtailor the application of each solution to support the exact requirements of your business.

Salesforce Journey planner

Consumers increasingly expect highly personalised, relevant communications from the brands they interact with. ecrmHubcreatespersonalised 1 to 1 journeys that deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, with intelligent data segmentation based on customer interactions that go beyond email.

Managed services

We are experts in building journeys that communicates seamlessly across email, SMS, push notifications, ads, web landing pages, and apps so your customers get the right information, wherever they are. We can automate reengagement and onboarding messages based on custom touchpoints and sales cycles.

Cloud audience segmentation

Customers expect content to be tailored to their exact needs. You may want to consider segmenting your audiences based on predictive intelligence (also called machine learning). By segmenting your audiences, you can ensure you get the right message to the right person.

Our approach

At ecrmHub we specialise in implementation and integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with other Salesforce applications and third party platforms. Part of this provision includes consultancy to identify “best practice” implementation in the context of your business.

Greenfield implementation

As part of a greenfield implementation we will setup an instance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud including integration with Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud. We will also assist integration of the Marketing Cloud with your website for real-time interactions and provide system-user training on the platform.


As part of our offering we also provide training on Marketing Cloud tailored to your specific business needs and levels of competency within the organisation. Our training programmes are dynamic, fit for purpose and designed for maximum impact.

Salesforce Journey Builder

At ecrmHub we’re experts at building journeys that work seamlessly across email, SMS, push notifications, ads, web landing pages, and apps. We look at the whole picture and will find the right combinations of channels to ensure that your customers get the right information at the right time, wherever they are.

Salesforce Journey Builder

Better customer engagement

Journey Builder empowers you to increase campaign performance through multi channel approach, accelerating customer engagement through diverse ways. Engage customers in tailored cross channel journeys, getting their digital and physical worlds together into smooth experiences.

Real-time tracking

Roll campaigns out quickly and easily and then check and test all elements and interactions in real time, measuring results over days, weeks, or months with campaign version control. Get 360 degree view of your customer to convey the right message, at the right time, via integrations like email, SMS, mobile push, or predictive intelligence.

Personalised approach

Journey Builder can be used to plan, personalise and optimise any customer lifecycle program. Journey Builder can deliver engaging content at the right time to drive meaningful interactions through real-time individual behaviours. Send personalised messages in-app or through any other channel of choice.

Email Studio

Emails may be automated but they also need to be personal and that’s so much more than “Dear [FIRST NAME]”. A truly personalised email shows you don’t just know who your customers are, you also understand their circumstances and needs. We use AI to understanding user behavior can help you tailor content to create a segment of one. Using the right tools in Email Studio you can recommend the right content and enhance the subscriber experience.

Campaign analytics & reporting

Build reports and dashboards that allow you to make sense of your data and iterate on campaigns in real-time to maximize the impact and ROI of your marketing automation programs.


We create custom web forms for your website using Salesforce FormAssembly . With our connectors, you can create Stripe payment forms, PayPal order forms, Chargent donation forms, and more in our online form builder.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions & audience segmentation

Segmentation is key to marketing automation and gives you a world of possibilities through which you can target individuals with specific, relevant, and timely messages—messages that stand out in in-boxes and grab your customers’ attention.

Salesforce Segmentation

Flexible data models.

Without data, there is no automation. It’s essential to ensuring effective targeting of online marketing campaigns and so figuring out a workable data model should be one of your first priorities. We’ll help you figure out what information you want, what you have, and what you need. We can also help you bridge any gap between what you have and what you might need!

Data extensions

As the lists have some limitations and you can only use them to add subscribers, data extension comes to cover this by giving you the possibility to create custom databases for your subscribers and any other type of data.

Audience Builder

Use all of your data from any source — like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data, web analytics, and even offline data — to expand your view of the customer.